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In April 2020, the National PTA partnered with TikTok and accepted a $2 million donation. This platform is not safe for children. Its highly addictive design does not support healthy brain development, social development, nor mental health in children. This is dirty money and we do not know what TikTok is doing with our children’s data. We do know that TikTok does not understand healthy child development nor has best interests in our children’s safety. We do know that a bunch of violent trends have recently circulated on TikTok causing fear in our schools nationwide. Please sign this petition today and hold the National PTA accountable for our children’s mental health and safety!

Corroding Childhood: Protecting Children from Internet Pornography

Ernie Allen, former President and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children states that “the age of the user (of internet porn) has declined dramatically” in the past decade…”the average age of first exposure is 11″…of youth exposed, “22% are younger than 10”. Many kids use porn as sex education. Watch his presentation NOW (27 minutes)

Sign the petition and get porn off our kids phones!

KBS was fortunate to attend several powerful presentations at the recent 2020 CESE Summit. There were 15K registrants world wide. One urgent take away for all parents is if you don’t want porn on your child’s social media feed or freely accessible online, nor want your child being exposed to it via other peers’ phones, PLEASE sign this petition TODAY at

Watch the educational video on this site that explains how the company MindGeek who owns PornHub and all its sister sites fuels child sex trafficking and child abuse, and uploads billions of videos without consent from the person(s) in the videos. Pornhub has pornified youth culture with its heavy advertising on all social media platforms, and it’s time to bring it DOWN.

Join the 1.7 million who’ve already signed the petition. The anti-sex trafficking movement grows and we need your voice!! #KidsBeforeScreens #NoPorninSchools


School Technology Opt-Out Letter

Dear Teacher and/or School Administrator,

I would like to respectfully request that all of my child’s education and educational content be presented without the use of electronic devices. This includes the use of tablets, Chromebooks, laptops or desktop computers.

We wish to help nurture and support our child’s educational, social, psychological and emotional development as much as possible and have become increasingly concerned with the potential detrimental aspects of screen technologies on young children.

We understand that you, as the school, have a responsibility to present our child with state-approved educational content and curriculum. We are in full agreement with that. But, it is within our right as parents to ensure that the medium by which our children’s education is being presented is safe, and not problematic, clinically or developmentally.

There has been a plethora of research indicating the adverse effect of electronic screens on children’s attentional, cognitive, and social development, if they are exposed at too young of an age. Please feel free to refer to the Web site for a full list of that peer-reviewed research.


The Parent(s) of: _____________________________________

Reprinted from Glow Kids with permission from Dr. Kardaras, September 11, 2019

20 Things Every Parent Should Know About Screen Use

Check out our new video debuted at PoeFest 2019 at the Poe Center for Health Education in Raleigh, North Carolina featuring a compilation of recent statistics and research about screen use and its effects on kids.